Friday, 16 August 2013

Denim on Leather

A couple of month ago I was out trying to find the perfect oversized denim jacket, even to date I still haven't found one. I did try on a really nice one from Urban Outfitters and regret not getting it now! :( It was from the renewal range which means they customize and redesign an old piece of clothing. Here are two I tried on. The one in the first picture is the one I regret not getting.. for only £55!

So what I wore out this day was a combination of denim & leather. At that time I was in loveee with all things leather! Leather skirts, tops, pants and even leggings which had leather bits and designs on them, I had the whole lot! I also really like denim tops and the different shades and styles they come in however I find it hard to buy denim tops/shirts to fit my body shape. Maybe because it's denim it sits differently on myself - their usually not fitted so the outcome is sometimes unflattering haha. Take a look at my outfit I wore:

 What I Wore:
Zara Denim Short Sleeve Button Collar Shirt
Zara Leather Front Panel Patterned Skirt
Forever21 Necklace & Accessories
Michael Kors Watch
Tory Burch Leather Bracelet

(Closer look below)

Thanks for reading! With love, Jen.